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We cover a big variety of medical services
Fast Deliveries
Trained and reliable drivers that ensure fast and efficient deliveries.
Patient Loyalty
Increase patient loyalty with absolute transparency, trust and care.
Exclusive to Healthcare
Our drivers are trained to be HIPAA compliant and are exclusive to medical.

Transparency & Live Tracking

Pharmacies, as well as their patients have the ability to track their prescriptions in real-time. DirectTrack Rx has teamed up with RX Mile to provide complete transparency through the whole delivery process. From pharmacy to doorstep you can track your package each step of the way.


Exclusive Driver Network

Our drivers are rigorously trained to be HIPAA compliant. Drivers are screened through an extensive background check. DirectTrack RX ensures that your packages are secured with our trusted drivers and delivered to your patients.

  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Extensive Background Checks
  • Trusted & Reliable

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